The most important project of CNS Systems Company is African Satellite Augmentation System (ASAS) of GPS and GLONASS, which has to provide coverage of entire African Continent and Middle East for Maritime, Land and Aeronautical Applications. The Company needs investros and partners for realization Ground Segment, while as Space Segmnet can use Inmarsat and Artemis GEO satellite constellations. In addition, Company can provide the following CNS service, networks and equipment vis Satellites or Stratospheric Communication Platforms (SCP):

C. Communication Systems
1. Radio WiFi/UHF/HF Communication Devices/Networks for Mobile, Fixed and Portable Solutions
2. Satellite Communication and SPS (Airships or Aircraft) equipment/Networks for Mobile, Fixed, Portable and Personal Solutions
3. DVB-RCS Systems for Fixed and all Mobile VSAT Equipment and Networks, all E-solutions, Broadcasting Contents and Rural Communications
4. Satellite Transceivers and Antennas for GEO Network of Inmarsat Mobile Communications
5. Satellite Transceivers and Antennas for LEO Networks of Globalstar/Iridium/Orbcomm Systems

 N. Navigation Systems
1. Satellite GPS Receiver/Inmarsat Transceiver Global Mobile
2. Satellite GPS Receivers/Globalstar-Orbcomm-Iridium Transceivers for Global Mobile Tracking
3. GNSS Equipment and Systems: The US GPS and Russian GLONASS
4. Different Navigation Equipment and Systems for Ships and Aircraft
5. Cospas-Sarsat Equipment for all Mobile and Personal Applications

S. Surveillance Systems
1. Radio and Radar Systems for Surveillance of all Mobile Applications
2. Satellite Systems for Surveillance of all Mobile Applications

3. Special Surveillance Equipment and Systems for Seaports and Airports
4. Special Monitoring Equipment and Systems for Road Transport

5. Special  Signalization and Systems for Railway Transport


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