The CNS Systems Company is proposing the following projects and solutions:


1. African Satellite Augmentation System (ASAS) of GPS and GLONASS GNSS networks for Maritime, Land and Aeronautical CNS Solutions

2. Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)

3. Global Aeronautical Tracking (GAT)

4. Global Mobile Radio and Satellite Systems for all Transportation Systems

5. Satellite Road Traffic Control and Management via Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Orbcomm Networks

6. Satellite Asset Tracking and Fleet Management (SATFM) including SCADA (M2M) Solutions via GEO/Non-GEO Constellations

7. Satellite DVB-RCS Scenario for Fixed and Mobile Applications including all E-solutions and Rural Communications

8. Stratospheric Communication Platforms (SCP) for Mobile, Fixed and Portable Applications

9. Radio and Satellite Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) and Identification

10. Development of Multipurpose GEO/LEO Space Segment and Design of Multifunctional Satellite Systems (MSS)

11. Design of all aspects of Alternative Energy and Space Solar Power (SSP) via SCP and Satellite Infrastructures

12. Development of Railways, Wagons (old and new) and solutions for other Transportation Systems


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